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If you’re reading this, then I’m glad to have you back with me again. I’ve finally gotten the chance to upgrade the look of my ancient website to something a little more fresh and modern. In addition to that, I will probably not be posting as much as I used to. We were recently blessed by God with a new addition to our perfect little family. Baby Elyse is here and boy is she a handful!

In another bit of very important news, I have decided to take an early retirement! Even if that just means retiring for several years until I can get a firm handle on my beautiful little kids. Mike and I have been talking about me doing this for quite a few years and I’m happy that his recent promotion has made this dream a financial possibility! We are truly blessed in that regard.

Now, enough about me. Even with a new look, you’ll find that Angie’s Realm is still focused on bringing you mouth watering recipes, interesting crafts, and just about anything else that will help you make your home a better place for you and your family for years to come. One thing that will be changing is my jokes. Apparently many of the readers just didn’t find them very funny. I do have to say that I’m not nearly as good of a comedian as I am a chef. So I will make sure to stick to that from now on so I don’t ruffle any more feathers. I have no idea that so many of my readers were expert joke critics, but I guess that they are and we don’t want to upset them now do we?

Home Cooked Meal

Credit: TheOdysseyOnline.com

I had to post this picture of this perfectly done steak. It reminds me a lot of the steaks that my mother-in-law grilled for us last weekend. It’s a long trip for the family to get out to the in-laws house, but they sure do spoil us with great food when we do get out there. There really isn’t anything better to pair a steak with than little red potatoes. I love it when they’re chopped up and cooked over the stovetop with butter and a little seasoning blend. The asparagus is a really nice touch to add some greens and much needed micronutrients to a plate that is dominated by proteins and starches.

One of the things that I want to do more of is food tutorials. I have made quite a few tutorials to my recipes in the past, but I find that many of the readers enjoy it when I post a video of another professional chef that has their own unique opinions and way of doing things. Then, you can take in the video for what it’s worth and I will add my own comments and little anecdotes about experiences that I have had trying to do the same thing or something similar. It’s definitely valuable to approach a topic with multiple different view points. I think that this is because everyone is operating out of their own set of circumstances and with their own tools and materials. As long as my site is helping, it doesn’t bother me if all of the content is directly from me or not. I’m not that much of a control freak (even though my husband may disagree with that). Oh well, I’m not sure if Mike is still reading my blog posts these days anyway.

One very popular aspect of the site has always been attempting to recreate crafts that I have found on Pinterest. I love it when readers will bring my attention to craft ideas that they themselves have found online. It’s really rewarding when someone asks me to try a craft that they have tried themselves but just haven’t had much luck with it. If I can post about my experience trying it, then it can hopefully help them finish it up properly. That’s really what my site has always been about – helping others and enjoying the similar interests that many of us have.

Coffee Can Flower Arrangement

Credit: UpcycledWonders.com

Speaking of getting more into crafts, I found this gem on Pinterest just the other day. I love the idea of being able to use things that you can find around your house and just right outside in your yard. These little coffee can flower arrangements would have made a very sweet little easter gift for the kids to bring to grandmas house. All you need for this craft is 1. a few coffee cans, some pretty colored construction paper, potting soil, and some wildflowers. Be careful though, it some places it is against the law to pick wildflowers. Also, make sure that you’re only taking plants from your own property. There’s nothing worse than taking away someone else’s hard work only to make something nice for yourself (that’s called being selfish)!

This is another great craft idea for kids. There aren’t any sharp tools needed and it’s a nice way to get kids to start thinking about and appreciating the great outdoors. Make sure to get a little scotch tape to secure your pretty construction paper to the coffee cans and there you have it – a nice little flower pot that you didn’t have to spend any more on. More importantly, you could have rescued that coffee can from the garbage (unless you were going to recycle it, of course.)

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, because I have many more recipes and crafts in mind that I’m sure you’ll just love!

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