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Valentine's Day is February 14th, be prepared with these fun and romantic ideas for easy Valentines Day homemade projects and crafts to make the day special for your valentine sweetie.











Valentine's Day Love Notes

Take red construction paper and cut up a bunch of little Valentine's Day cards (about the size of gift tags) and write "I Love You", "Be My Valentine" etc. and hide them in places where your sweetie is sure to find them.

My honey did this for me one year for Valentines Day. He secretly put little cards (they were store bought not homemade, but hey it's the thought that counts) in lots of different hiding places. I'd open the drawer to get my brush and there would be a note there. I'd open the medicine cabinet and there would be one propped up against my toothpaste. He had put one in my lunchbag, in my shoe (I wore boots to work since it was snowing). I was finding those adorable little notes throughout the house for weeks afterwards.

By the way he also bought me a VCR for that particular Valentines Day, however, those little love notes are what I remember to this day (I always get a lump in my throat).



valentine's day crafts




Valentines Day Wreaths

Cut out a bunch of assorted-sized smaller hearts from red and pink construction paper.

Take a paper plate and cut out the middle. Glue the hearts all over the plate. Make bows with red ribbon.


valentine's day crafts




Valentine's Day Chain

Cut strips of red, pink, and white construction paper, three to four inches long, and one-half to one inch wide.

Form a circle with one strip and staple the ends together.

Take the next strip and loop it through the first circle, again stapling the ends together.

Continue on and make a chain or chains as long as you wish. Use to decorate walls, windows and doorways.



valentine's day crafts




Valentines Day Photo Frame

Take a photograph where the two of you are together. Cut out the outline of a heart from red construction paper (make it just a bit bigger than the photograph).

Using cardboard, cut out the same size and glue the edges of the heart outline to the cardboard. After glue is dried, slide picture in between the heart and the cardboard.

The outline of the heart can be decorated with glitter, sequins, etc.


valentine's day crafts




Valentines Day Placemats

Gather up old Valentines cards, cut out the pictures and glue them onto red construction paper in a collage fashion. Cover placemat with clear contact paper.

Another idea is to use fewer cards and stamp heart shapes in between the cards. To do this: Cut a potato in a half and carve a heart shape out of the potato. Dip the cut side of the potato into red paint and stamp the placemats with the hearts.


valentine's day crafts




Ideas for Valentine's Day Gift Baskets


Make your honey a decorated basket and fill it with stuff you think they'd like. Some ideas would be:

  • Miniature chocolate bars and cookies; homemade fudge or brownies, an assortment of different types of candies and chocolates.
  • Tiny fancy soaps, bubble bath and bath oil beads, moisturizers, a loofa, fancy face cloth
  • Gift certificate to rent a video or two, packages of microwave popcorn, a few candy bars, etc.


valentine's day crafts




Valentine's Day Love Tattoo

Give yourself a tattoo using a henna tattoo kit! If you're honey is willing you can even give them a matching tattoo. The tattoo can be either visible or hidden and as innocent or intimate as you'd like.

Keep in mind that henna does that a few weeks to wear off, so if it's something you'd rather only you and your sweetie can see, be sure it's in a spot that would normally be hidden!



valentine's day crafts




Valentine's Day Love Coupons

Make up coupons that the love of your life can redeem whenever they'd like.

Write the coupons on little pieces of red or pink construction paper cut into hearts and place them in a small box surrounded by Hershey's Kisses, Hershey's Hugs, Red Hots, Valentine's Day heart candies (those little candies with messages on them), etc.

Decorate the box however you'd like; maybe paste on old valentine's day cards (cut out just the pictures); or cut little hearts out of red construction paper and write little love messages on the paper and then glue those on the box .

Another idea would be to staple together different coloured sheets of construction paper to make a booklet). Decorate the front and back of the booklet with fancy designs, stickers, etc.

Yet another idea is to make your coupons, roll them up tightly and place them, along with a Hershey's Kiss, into Valentine's Day balloons and then blow them up. Your sweetie has to pop each balloon to claim their goodie.

Write each coupon on a separate page (poems, stickers, pictures, funny rhymes etc. can also be added either to the bottom of the coupons themselves or onto separate pages between each coupon).

Some ideas for romantic Valentines Day Coupons are:
"Wash and Wax the Car"
"One Free Back Rub"
"One Free Foot Massage"
"Dinner and a Romantic Movie"
"Breakfast in Bed (with the two of you sharing the breakfast)"

You get the idea! Use your imagination. You can even include blank cards and have your sweetie fill them out themselves, eg., "This coupon is good for one ...." and let your love fill in the blank.".

Be Mine! Coupons
Be Mine! Coupons
Be Mine! Coupons

Here's My Heart from Crayola


valentine's day crafts

valentine's day crafts




Valentines Day Hide and Seek

Put some excitement in your honey's life by hiding their gift and making them find it. This can be as simple as the old "you're getting colder, you're getting hotter" routine.

Another way would be to hide little notes around the house that they must find. Each note would lead to another note and them another, etc. until the gift is finally located.

You could also run a string from the gift throughout the house, winding around chair legs, into cupboards, around doornobs, etc. You would hand them one end of the string and tell them to go hunting for their gift. You might also put smaller gifts along the way leading up the big gift at the end.


valentine's day crafts

valentine's day crafts




Breakfast in Bed

Serve your sweetie breakfast in bed. Put a placemat (preferably homemade) on a tray and include 2 cups of coffee or tea. Get into bed with your sweetie and take turns feeding each other. If the food isn't too sloppy, feed each other using your fingers. Supply wet towels for wiping your hands afterwards. After breakfast, remove the tray and cuddle

Some suggestions for Valentine's Day breakfasts are:

  • Pancakes using different-shaped cookie cutters on the griddle. Pouring in the pancake batter and as soon as the pancakes are ready to flip, remove the cookie cutters and flip the cookies (make fried eggs in the same way).
  • Valentines Toast: Mix a few drops of red food coloring into 1/8 cup of milk. Use a pastry brush to paint a design on 2 slices of bread. Toast the bread and serve it with butter and jam.
  • Valentine's Day Waffles: When they come out of the waffle iron, cut out different shapes using cookie cutter (you can use either frozen waffles or make your own)s.
  • Heart-shaped french toast. Add sliced strawberriess (sliced from top to bottom so they're heart-shaped. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

If your honey is a late riser, you may be looking at Brunch in Bed instead of breakfast in bed.

  • Make them a ham sandwich, but don't put the pieces of bread together. Draw a heart on one side of the bread using mustard or ketchup from a squirt bottle.
  • Make assorted sandwiches and then cut them into heart shapes using cookie cutters. Snuggle up in bed and feed the sandwiches to each other, being sure to wipe each other's mouth and hands.


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Romantic Valentine's Day Picnic

Make up a picnic gift basket to surprise your love with. The basket can contain a nice tablecloth, fancy serviettes, a couple of long red candles, a single red rose (it can even be artifical, they look so real) in a vase, a bottle of wine or champagne, cheese and crackers or fried chicken and potato salad, etc.

Make a fire in the fireplace and put the tablecloth down in front of it, light the candles and have romantic indoor picnic.

Make some special Valentines Day cookies for your picnic. Prepare a favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut out designs with different-shaped cookie cutters such as varying sizes of hearts, X's and O's. Frost the cooking with red icing (just add red food color to white icing). Top with red hots or candy hearts.


valentine's day crafts




Valentine's Day Dinners

Make your sweetie a special valentine's dinner using red and white cloth napkins complete with fancy napkin rings, a flower arrangement for the centerpiece, a few small red unscented candles to make the occasion even more romantic . If you have a fireplace, light a fire and move the table in front of the fireplace. Turn out the lights and dine by candlelight; it'll feel like you're dining in a fancy restaurant. If you don't feel up to cooking dinner, just order dinner in.

If you'd rather take your honey out to a nice restaurant, be sure to make reservations well in advance.


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