Sewing Basics

Sewing usually turns out to be one of the most helpful skills to have. This holds true for someone who is just trying to maintain a healthy and happy home or even for someone who is stuck in a survival situation. I know that may sound a little dramatic to suggest that sewing could actually help save your life, but you would be surprised at the amount of situations where knowing how to sew can prove to be fundamental to your wellbeing.

A Very Useful Skill

This goes completely without mentioning that learning to sew can end up saving you and your family a lot of money. Start collection old fabric scraps, used clothing that you no longer care to use, or other random pieces of undesirable fabric. Once you get into the hobby of sewing it’s invaluable to have a stockpile of various types, colors, and styles of fabrics that will assist you in creating whatever it is you need at any given time. In addition to a fabric collection, you will want to get a small plastic container that you can start to keep your supplies and tools in. I have even seen some of my friends use a fishing tackle box to organize their supplies and this works surprisingly well. However, there’s no need to spend extra money on a specialized container when any old used container from a secondhand store will work just fine. But, nonetheless, it will be necessary to have some type of container to keep everything together or inevitably you will start to lose things. By the way, loose needles are not something that you want to find in random places around your house. This is especially true if you have kids and/or inquisitive pets!

Straight to the Basics

Alright, now we can get down to the basics. By the basics, I mean that most fundamental things that you will need to wrap your head around in order to be a successful seamstress. This video tutorial course that I will display below does a great job of covering the basic elements of sewing to really help you understand what you will need to start producing your own garments (or anything else for that matter)! I have to give a lot of credit to YouTuber “Made to Sew” for putting in all of the hard work to make the tutorial series come together

Sewing A Dress

One of the most fun sewing projects that I have ever worked on was the first time I made a dress with my oldest daughter. This was a few years ago, but feels like it was just yesterday. Now while my daughter is as sweet as can be. It was often difficult to get her to sit still for a period of time longer than three to four minutes. Knowing this fact was part of the reason I was so ‘mind blown’ that this project really got her attention in a way that I had never seen before. She had always liked trying on dressed and different clothes. We had a collection of costume hats in a box that we would try on and make funny faces at each other. This made her laugh wildly and was one of our favorite rainy-day activities. One day as she was strutting around in one of her costume dresses, I proposed an idea to her. “What if we actually made a special dress, from scratch?”, I asked her. A small smile drew across her face as she pondered the thought to herself for a moment. “Yay mommy! Let’s make a pretty dress.”, she squealed with delight. So I gathered up some old princess patterned bed sheets that she had as a very young child. She was overjoyed to see them again, hugging them close to her body in a nostalgic embrace.

We spent a few hours after that cutting up the fabric to match a template that I found online to match her little body. I showed her the proper way to stitch quality seams that wouldn’t come out after a few hours of rolling around on the ground. I also took some time to explain to her the safety aspect of being very careful with the needles and other sharp tools. It was important for her to understand that the sewing machine that we were using was an important tool and not a toy to be played with. I was proud to see that I think she understood and respected this fact right away. Needless to say we had a great time sewing together and she got a cute little dress out of the deal.

Sewing Supplies Thread


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